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This set is due November 11th, a Wednesday on which we are not meeting for class.

The most widely used platform for the creation of online events is Omeka, created at George Mason University.

Find and upload five items online for a preliminary exhibition concerning the history of mass incarceration in Massachusetts on the draft Omeka site at dighist15.benschmidt.org.

The injunction here is to work out from the public history class project. They are working on the debate in Norfolk State Prison. For this preliminary step, that is too tight: but we should easily be able to find 100 items relating to Massachusetts state prisons as a group. Two people can’t post the same item; use the metadata to make sure something you want to post isn’t up already.

Here are the guidelines.

  • They should relate to the history of the prison system in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, particularly MCI Norfolk/Norfolk State Prison. Try to interpret this injunction as narrowly as possible.
  • At least one should come with already well structured data. In most cases, the best strategy here will be to search the DPLA.
  • At least one should come with unstructured metadata, although it may be a part of something more structured. For example, if you find an old book on the Internet archive with a photograph of a prison in it, the book would be structured data and suitable for bundling on its own; while the image would require different metadata (such as the photographer and the subject).
  • You should upload three different item types according to the Omeka scheme.
  • You can see the Item Types in the “Item Type Metadata” field in the “Add an Item” field in Omeka.
  • For instance, you might upload two “Still Images” from DPLA, two “Moving images” from YouTube.
  • You should click featured for exactly one (the best) of your objects, and “public” for all that are not encumbered by copyright.