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Workset 11

This week, I want you create a web page using HTML for yourself.

There are a variety of ways to do this. The most basic is to plug an ethernet cable into a wall in Meserve and run a webserver off of your computer.

But that’s a temporary solution; so what I’m going to recommend is that you use a service called github to put up a page for yourself.

You can get instructions for getting started at https://pages.github.com/.

They walk you through the process of installing git, creating a repository, and posting it to the web.

  1. At a minimum, you should put up two pages in the folder.
    • One will be titled “index.html” and should be a sort of “About Me” section, including an image.
    • The second should be titled something like “cv.html”. You should hardwrite a link to it from the index.html folder; it should just be a copy of your CV or resume or something like that.
  2. Link from your page to the page of someone else in the class. Or lots of other people in the class.

  3. If you want me to link to your page and help boost your Google ranking, just send a link.

If all this is old hat to you, try expanding out. For instance, make some div elements and styling them using CSS.

Or, actually put a little time into putting a real CV on your site. Github pages supports templates using something called jekyll which lets you write in a language a little more intuitive than HTML and then posts things to the Internet.

Or maybe you know, deep in your heart of hearts, that you’re never going to use HTML on your own. Then think about setting up your own personal webpage on wordpress.com, for free, allowing you to use all the same blogging tools we’ve had in our course. That’s probably the most common use for your personal web page.