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Workset #1: Getting online

We’ll start by getting you a presence on the web.

  1. Sign in to your account on the course blog at dighist15.benschmidt.org. An account has already been created for you with a username the same as the first half of your .neu address. (My email is b.schmidt@neu.edu, so my username is b.schmidt.) You’ll do this by using your Northeastern e-mail and clicking on the link to reset your password. You should receive a password reset e-mail. (Check your spam folder: if it’s in there, mark it as ‘not spam.’) If you have trouble with the passwords, contact Dave DeCamp.

  2. Fill out your profile on wordpress.

  3. Explore the most basic functionality of WordPress by making a short introductory post to the blog. Include live links to the blogs you’ll be following. Embed an image that you think should replace our scowling priest.

  4. Set up your blog following practices. Most blogs will have an RSS feed you can follow using Feedly or another RSS reader of your choice; or you can often follow individuals or organizations on Twitter or Facebook.

  5. (Extremely optional): If you want, create a wordpress site for yourself at wordpress.com; you can cross-post your blog posts to start consolidating your own presence online.

  6. If you don’t have a good reason not to, you should probably post a reading response on the blog this week. The readings should be conducive.

Prep for next week

Install on your laptop a text editor with full regular expression capabilities. A text editor looks like a word processor, but focuses less on formatting and more on regular functions. For Macs, I recommend TextWrangler; for Windows, I recommend notepad++. Another good option for either platform is Atom.

Download the list of words from http://benschmidt.org/words.txt and make sure you can successfully open it.