8 Networks-Intro

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Networks as a data structure.

Networks are a way of organizing information. They do not exist, necessarily; but they can be a way of structuring facts, like maps or concordances or anything else.

Networks terminology.

Basic terminology:

Nodes and edges.

Types of networks.

The type of a network is defined by the type of its edges and nodes.

  • Edge-type distinctions
    • Weighted and unweighted.
    • Directed and undirected
  • Node-type distinctions
    • Unimodal and Multi-modal networks

Reducing arbitrary data to networks.

  • Text as a network
  • Society as a network
  • Correspondence as a network.


Data formats

You can download a version of the Paul Revere dataset here.

This was released by the sociologist Kieran Healy; it differs in subtle ways from the article we read.

Network metrics