Text from ‘Rules and Regulations of the Industrial School for Girls at Winchester’

Rules and Regulations
of the
Industrial School for Girls

Boston: Printed by John Wilson & Son
22, School Street.
Rules and Regulations

The Industrial School for Girls is an Institution for
the purpose of training to good conduct, and instructing in
household labor, destitute or neglected girls. It is to be
supported by the voluntary contributions of persons who are
instructed in these objects. The following Rules and Regu-
lations have been adopted for its management: —

Article I.
Board of Management.

The management of this Institution shall rest in a President
and a Board of twelve Managers, from among whom shall be
chosen a Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. These
shall be chosen by ballot at the first meeting, and subse-
queenly at each annual meeting; and all officers shall hold
their offices for one year, and until others shall be chosen in
their stead.

Article II.
Annual Meeting.

There shall be an annual meeting held on the second
Wednesday in January, at such place and hour as the Board


of Managers shall direct, four of whom shall constitute a
quorum. At this meeting, the officers for the ensuing year
shall be chosen; the Board of Managers, and the Treasurer,
shall make their respective reports; and payment of the an-
dual subscriptions shall be received.

Article III.
Monthly Meeting.

A regular meeting of the Board shall be holden on the
first Wednesday of every month, at such place and hour as
they shall direct; and special meetings may be called at any
time by the President, Vice-President, or Committee for the
month. The Board are authorized to fill, for the reminder
of the current year, all vacancies in the Board, or in any of
the officers. At the first monthly meeting in each year, the
following Standing Committees, to consist each of not less
than two members of the Board of Managers, shall be
appointed by nomination of the President, subject to the
approbation of the Board, namely, – a Committee on Sup-
plies, and a Committee on Clothing. There shall also be
appointed, at the first meeting of the Board in every month,
a monthly Committee, to consist of not less than two mem-
bears of the Board of Managers.

Article IV.
Powers and Duties of the Board of Managers.

The Board of Managers shall have the entire government
and control of the Institution, its officers, pupils, and business.
They shall have the power of appointment and removal of


the Matron and Instructor, and all other officers and persons
employed by her, and of the admission and disposal of
pupils; and shall establish rules and regulations for the
government of the Institution, the conduct of the officers, and
the discipline of the pupils, and cause the same to be faith-
fully executed.

Article V.
Duties of the Treasurer.

The Treasurer shall have the charge and care of the
finances, shall collect and receive all money due, and shall
keep in her possession all money of the Institution; and at
the annual meeting, and at all other times when required,
she shall render a full account of the pecuniary concerns of
the Institution. She shall also record all donations for its
use and support.

Article VI.
Duties of Secretary.

The Secretary shall keep a record of all the proceedings of
the Managers, and shall give notice of the time and place
of each meeting, a week previous to the meeting. She shall
also record, in a book kept for the purpose, all applications
for admission into the Institution.

Article VII.
Duties of the Monthly Committee.

The Monthly Committee shall consist of not less than two
members of the Board of Managers, whose duty it shall be


to visit the Institution at least once a fortnight; to see per-
sonally every child in the Institution; to confer with the
Matron and Instructor; and to communicate to the Board
such information, and to make such suggestions, as they may
think useful. They shall attend to all applications for
admittance, and shall investigate the circumstances and the
physical condition of the applicants. The Monthly Com-
mite shall also inform the Special committees of the wants
of the establishment.

Article VIII.
Duties of the Special Committees.

The Committee on Supplies shall receive notice of and
supply all the wants of the Institution, except in the article
of clothing, which shall be furnished by the Committee on Clothing.

Article IX.
Duties of the Matron.

There shall be a Matron, who shall have the immediate
care and superintendence of the pupils. She shall in no
case be absent at any time, without permission in writing
from one of the Committee for the month. She shall employ
in the work of the house as many of the pupils as are of
suitable age, and can be employed to advantage; it being one
of the objects of the Institution to instruct girls in household
work, which will give them habits of industry, and fit them
for active life.


She shall apply to the Monthly Committee for all such
articles as may be necessary for the proper conduct of the
establishment, and the comfort and convenience of those who
belong to it.
She shall have the general charge and superintendence of
the girls belonging to the establishment, and shall be respon-
bible for their conduct, habits, and appearance; it being
understood, that every thing relating to their education,
morals, manners, cleanliness, health, clothing, washing, mend-
ing, diet, hours of rising and going to bed, hours of study
and recreation, &c., is to be done under her general direction,
subject to the approval of the Board of Managers.
She shall cause the books of the Institution to be regularly
kept, and shall enter therein the name, age, birthplace, general
character and conduct, and time of arrival and departure of
each girl, together with such other records and remarks as
may be deemed desirable; and these books shall at all times
be open to the inspection of the Managers.
At each monthly meeting of the Managers, she shall pre-
sent a written report of the state of the Institution, noticing
all changes which take place in its management, and offering
such remarks and suggestions, in relation to its concerns, as
she may deem important to its well-being and success. In
this report she shall particularize the number of girls under
her care, the admissions and removals during the month, the
course of instruction pursued in the School, and the effect
which is produced upon the conduct and progress of the
pupils. She shall also notice any willful and flagrant viola-
tons of morals and good conduct.
She shall cause religious services to be performed on the
morning and evening of each day, in the presence of the


girls and the household. There shall be no unnecessary
labor in the house on the Lord’s day; and it shall be held
important, that every member of the establishment, not other-
wise necessarily engaged, shall attend morning and evening
She shall be present with the girls at their meals, and shall
maintain a constant oversight of them, and shall be responsi-
able for their conduct and improvement at all times when
they are not under the immediate care of the Instructor.
She shall be responsible to the Managers for the safety and
cleanliness of such parts of the building as she may occupy,
or which shall be used for the instruction and lodging of the
girls. She shall, under the direction of the Managers, have
charge of all the domestic concerns of the Institution; of the
girls’ clothing (washing, mending, and giving out); of their
eating and sleeping apartments, their beds and bedding, and
the appointment and preparation of their meals.
She shall, in relation to the girls, stand in the place of a
mother, and, so far as may be, shall perform the duties
required of a mother. She shall ever exercise a kind, uni-
form, and judicious treatment of the pupils under her care;
considering it her bounden duty to gain their love and
respect, and exert the influence of her character and example
in forming their minds to a love of virtue, truth, and obe-

Article X.
Duties of the Instructor.

The Instructor, subject to the direction and supervision of
the Matron,shall have charge of the girls in respect to their


studies. She shall keep the School daily, except on Sundays;
shall have regular and stated school-hours; and shall faithfully
instruct her pupils in spelling, reading, writing, arithmetic,
and in such other branches of useful knowledge as the Board
may deem best adapted to their ages and capacities. The
girls shall also receive a thorough education in all useful
branches of sewing.
She shall ever bear in mind that the great object of the
Institution is to form virtuous, useful, and active women;
and it shall therefore be her constant endeavor, by precept
and example, to train her pupils to habits of industry,
order, and obedience; to develop their moral powers, and
infuse into their hearts and lives the great principles of reli-
gion and virtue.
In order that the Matron may make satisfactory monthly
reports to the Board, she shall be furnished by the Instructor
with such information respective the School as she may
need. Once a quarter, the Instructor shall make a written
report on the state of the School to the Board, which shall
contain an account of the various studies pursued, the
methods of discipline and instruction adopted, the conduct
and progress of the girls under her charge, and all other
matters important to be made known. In her report at the
close of the year, she shall give a general statement of the
moral and intellectual condition and progress of her pupils
during the year, and make such remarks and suggestions
as she may deem important to the best interest of the


Article XI.
Rules of the House.

Girls of from eight to twelve years of age shall be admitted
into the Institution. Applications for admission shall have
precedence according to their date, except in special cases, and
except that girls born in Boston will be preferred. No girl
shall be admitted unless by the vote or consent of the
Monthly Committee and President, and unless the parent or
guardian, if any there be, shall enter into a written engage-
ment with the President to surrender the charge of the
child for a given time, and shall farther engage to receive
her back, if, after a trial, the Managers shall choose to return
her; also not to interfere in the management of the child, nor
visit her without the consent of a Manager; not to ask or
receive any compensation for her services; nor to induce,
or attempt to induce, any child to leave the Institution, or
the family or station in which the Managers may place her.
No girl shall be admitted who, from her character or other
cause, is likely to interfere with the improvement of the
pupils in the Institution, or otherwise injuriously affect
When any parent or guardian shall desire to place a girl
in the Institution, and pay wholly or in part for her main-
tenance and education, the Board of Managers may, in their
discretion, admit her on such terms and conditions as they
shall think proper.
No relative or acquaintance of any pupil shall interfere in
the management of the pupil, or be permitted to visit her
except in the presence of the Matron. The Board of Managers


shall regulate the diet for the girls, and a sample of the
food shall be produced when required.
The Managers, from time to time, and as often as the
interests of the Institution and their convenience permit, will
give notice to the friends of the girls when they may visit

Article XII.

Any amendment in these Rules and Regulations shall be
proposed at one monthly meeting, and may be acted upon
at the next, and not sooner.


President . . . . . . . . . . MRS. A. H. EVERETT.

Vice-President . . . . . . . . MRS. F. W. P. GREENWOOD.

Treasurer . . . . . . . . . MISS M. L. ELIOT.

Secretary . . . . . . . . . MRS. S. PARKMAN.