Some Final Thoughts

As this semester comes to a close, here are a few of my lingering thoughts:

  • I really enjoyed the “Snow Fall” example of digital media and hope to continue to see more of that, and it would be wonderful if historians could reach that same level.
  • A major themeI kept coming back to this semester was the concept of accessibility. Maybe this is coming from my bias as a public historian, but that seems to be where so much of the potential and value of digital history lies: the presentation of complex ideas to audiences that traditionally are not reached by academic journals and scholarly monographs, the ability to peruse vast collections of sources wherever in the world you may be, new ways of exploring said source collections, crowd-sourcing of necessary human tasks across the internet that also creates meaningful engagement with historical maps and manuscripts , etc.
  • Be very careful with your methodology – we may not be the first wave, but I’m sure there’s still plenty of pitfalls to trip up in…

Happy holidays, everyone!

I am a second-year M.A. student in Northeastern's Public History Program and received my B.A. in History from Carleton College in 2011.

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