New Media Effectiveness (“Aha!”)

Snow Fall, which was an interactive investigative long form journalism piece by the New York Times, tells the story of a disastrous avalanche that killed three skiers. In addition to excellent writing characteristic of journalism, mixing in graphics with maps, audio recordings of 9-11 calls, footage taken by the skiers, and interviews conducted later really does an excellent job of telling what happened. I am still a bit shaken by reading and listening to this piece. Truthfully, this is far more engaging to a student with not much background knowledge of high-risk skiing than just assigning an article would be. It engages more of the senses than a simple academic text. Upon further reflection, had some of the previously assigned articles contained some semblance of an interview or graphic presentation, they may have stuck with me.

This one is going to haunt my dreams, in the “hello darkness my old friend” sort of way, especially after reading the NSA article by Greenwald, most of which I knew already and had some experience dealing with. I hope that these websites are available for future historians to be able to see what sorts of discussions were happening during our time As future teachers and researchers, it is imperative that we are able to present our information/narratives in clear, concise, and understandable manners to not only our colleagues, but to people who have no idea what we’re talking about. That means engaging them on multiple planes and dimensions.

Wow. This class just clicked for me. Just had one of those “aha!” moments.


I am a 1st Year PhD History student with interests in leisure theory, sports cultural and social histories especially baseball, and labor history. I am from Philadelphia, having received my BA and MA at Temple University. I have worked in libraries as well as having taught as an adjunct instructor, in addition to involvement in various social justice movements and organizations. I like Star Trek, hanging out with my dog and cats, recording a baseball podcast (Sliding Into First) and listening to a variety of podcasts, and doing field research (also known as going to baseball games.) I've also been known to homebrew beers and take care of stray cats.

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