For my crowdsourcing project I contributed to Transcribe Bentham, an online initiative to transcribe the manuscripts of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), a British philosopher and social reformer, from the archives of University College London. Contributors assist by using the site’s Transcription Desk to type up, via digital image, the text of Bentham’s manuscripts. Transcripts utilized in producing ‘The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham’ will be credited to the volunteers who transcribed them in appropriate volumes.

In addition to their goal of building Bentham’s collected works, the transcripts will be linked to the Bentham Papers Database. This database will allow researchers wider access to the collected writings. To that end transcriptions are required to be entered encoded. In doing so the text and the writing process, deletions, revisions, and marginalia are preserved for scholarly study.

I enjoyed the process of transcribing and encoding the work and will likely continue to contribute to this initiative in the future.


Jeremy Bentham


First year Ph.D. student in the Northeastern University history department. Interested in the intersections of social, cultural, and material history in the Early Modern Atlantic world.

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